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Contract law

In today's business world, it is no longer possible to limit oneself to concluding oral commercial contracts, and even in the private sector, particularly because of the internationalisation of relations, the need for written contracts to which reference can be made in the event of a disagreement is becoming increasingly pressing.

The drafting of a contract, especially when the parties are not subject to the same national law, can be a difficult task and may require the advice of a specialised lawyer.

What type of contract should be envisaged? What safeguards should be built into the contract to ensure the parties' compliance? What rules should be adopted in order to be able to terminate the contract, if necessary, while limiting damages? What law should the contract fall under? Which legal forum should be selected? etc. There are numerous aspects to this issue.

Knowing that a comprehensive, precise and balanced contract greatly reduces litigation risks, taking the time necessary at the beginning of a business relationship to ensure, with the help of a lawyer specialising in contract law, that you have a suitable contract is undoubtedly a good investment.

Our specialists are at your disposal to provide you with personalised assistance in the negotiation and drafting of all types of national and international contracts (agency, lease, brokerage, distribution, donation, business, license, mandate, loan, transport, work, sale, etc.), as well as to provide you support in their execution and settle any possible dispute that may arise.


Tort law

The field of tort law is very broad: it encompasses all cases where a person or company may be required to pay damages to an injured party, outside of a contract.

Traditionally, liability begins around the family structure or private activities (liability for damages caused to third parties by children, pets, or defects in the construction of a building) and then extends to the interaction of human beings with society (road traffic liabilities, accidents caused by sports activities, etc.) and the interaction between companies and the outside world (liability for their employees' actions, for authorised but dangerous activities, construction site accidents, use of toxic products in industry or agriculture, aircraft accidents, etc.).

With the developments that have taken place in laws, any act that damages a person's physical or psychological integrity, honour or professional reputation may give rise to claims for damages, if the liability conditions are met.

Our specialised lawyers are experienced in proceedings of this kind, which are often complex and technical. They are able to advise both those responsible and the injured parties, depending on the situation. They can also act in proceedings where many victims act in concert.

Often, in complex or sensitive cases, an agreement on damages is reached in an amicable dispute settlement procedure. The Firm is able to assist you effectively in such situations.