Fields of activities

We advise and represent our clients in following fields

Commercial law
Representation and advice in any kind of commercial project, particularly concerning choice of corporate structure, financing, contract drafting, authorization and/or registration proceeding

Contracts law
Negotiating and drafting any type of national or international contract
Assistance in the follow-up and in the termination of contracts
Representation before the (ordinary or arbitration) courts in case of dispute

Corporate law
Advice in the selection of the right structure
Bye-laws and shareholders agreements drafting
Assistance to the board of directors and to the shareholders

Criminal law
Advice and representation in all areas including criminal business law and administrative criminal law

Estate organization
Structures to be used to facilitate the transfer of assets to the heirs and for optimizing taxation

European Law
Consultancy and assistance with regard to transnational procedures, particularly concerning the various European Union countries

Family law
Protective measures for the family, divorce and modification of enforceable judgements
Children’s protection, visitation rights and representation in litigation
Adoption, claiming or disclaiming paternity actions
Requests for a change of name
Modification and liquidation of pre and ante-nuptial settlements

Foreign nationals' law
Initial and renewal proceeding to obtain a working permit, residence permit, or permit with flat rate taxation
Representation with the competent authorities in case of refusal to grant a permit

German Law
Consultancy in all areas of German private law
Assistance and representation before German courts

Guardianship and Curatorship law
Mandate of guardian and curator
Representation in the framework of proceedings in civil rights suspension and personal restraint for assistance purposes

Inheritance law
Drafting of clauses of wills
Liquidation of estates and actions for division

Insolvency and bankruptcy law
Debt collection, business reorganization, composition request, administration of bankrupt estates

International Arbitration
Assistance and representation in arbitration matters in international commercial litigation
Arbitrator in international commercial arbitrations

Labour and employment law
Drafting of contracts
Mediation and assistance with the Labour Courts

Lease law
Elaboration de structures destinées à faciliter le transfert du patrimoine aux héritiers et à optimaliser la fiscalité

Medical law
Liability and tort issues, representation in civil and criminal proceedings

Mutual international legal assistance in criminal matters

Property law
Construction law
Land planning and use
Easements and mortgages
Joint ownership, ownership of flying freeholds and neighbourhood disputes
Contractor and architect contracts
Representation before the administrative and judiciary authorities

Social security law
Pension and compensation in case of disability, unemployment or accident

Tort law
Assistance in case of civil, commercial, industrial, medical or traffic problems